Are you getting the engagement that you want?

Online marketing and blogging is time consuming and it an be especially frustrating when there is a lack of engagement on all your hard work. With over 2 MILLION blog posts uploaded every day, it's more important than ever to invest in a backlink generator.

SEO can be a daunting task for many and means committing to hours and hours of work.

However I have found a great little backlink generator that really works.

Social Monkee Backlink Generator

Social Monkee is a handy little tool that adds backlinks to your designated pages. The entry-level lifetime membership is just $7. For that you can add 25 backlinks to one URL per day. To get Social Monkee, click here

However I highly recommend you upgrade to the premium, elite or ambassador levels as you will realise, one URL per day simply isn’t enough.

A backlink generator works best if backlinks point to various levels and areas of the one URL. Link juice to high page ranking sites is also really important.

Social Monkee Backlink Generator Tool #1 THE SPINTAX

In order for the one url to be submitted to various sites without google flagging it as

duplicate content, you must spin the text.

To rewrite your article 100 times is very time-consuming and mind bending. Social Monkee does it all for you at the touch of a button. Make sure you read and preview the text so it’s grammatically correct.

If your blog description doesn’t read well and looks like it was created by a robot, your readers won't be engaged and will leave. It’s important to get this right on all levels to ensure both Google AND your readers are happy.

Social Monkee Backlink Generator Tool #2 LINK JUICE.

Without getting too techy, all you need to know is link juice is what gold dust is to fairies – it’s where the magic happens. High ranking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Google+ have a page rank of 10. Unfortunately your blog will probably have a page rank of a big fat zero. However by adding your URL to these social media giants and adding that URL into the Social Monkee backlink generator you get lots of the wonderfully gooey, sticky link juice on your site.

SEO can get really complicated, but there’s no need to get overwhelmed. I don’t know much about SEO either. What I do know is, if I upload a blog post and send it out to my social media channels and then add those links into Social Monkee (see why you need more than one URL per day) the visitors to my blog has tripled, and more eyes on my content ultimately leads to more leads and sales.

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